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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The World’s Longest Operating Vertical Axis Turbine

Autonomous Wind Energy Turbines

The technology has more than 23 years of proven reliability and performance, industry recognition awards, and hundreds of installations that continue to perform efficiently to date.

After many years this technology has evolved to become a completely fine-tuned and state of the art solution chosen exclusively by military, national telecom corporations, large scale mining operations, municipalities to augment public utilities in remote areas and private users.  To date, this technology has successfully produced in excess of 12,000 Megawatts of electrical power.

  • Unique Modular Vertical Axis Wind driven, counter rotating rotors.

  • Automatic Starting Torque

  • Omni Directional

  • Environmentally and Bird friendly

  • Operates at wind speeds from 2 meters per second (4.4 mph) to 54 meters per second (120.8 mph)

  • Very quiet – 0.5 db (at 20 meters no audible sound at all)

  • Long service life – Turbines still up and operating after 22+ years

  • Unaffected by high wind gusts, sandstorms and icing

  • No external moving parts (no threat to birds)

  • High efficiency in turbulent and hurricane level wind flows

  • Full Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • Hybrid capability with combined Solar and Energy Storage Solutions

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